Taking the High Road - Scottish Culinary Tours

Ever had haggis? Or cullen skink? What about cranachan or clootie dumpling? The best culinary tours of Scotland give you the chance to taste traditional Scottish foods like these, as well as gourmet cuisine in luxury hotels and restaurants.

Jenners, Marmalade and Deep Fried Mars Bars

Your first stop in Scotland will probably be the capital, Edinburgh. Of course you’ll want to see sights like the castle, the Georgian New Town and the Royal yacht Britannia. But our food and drink tours will also take you to fine fish restaurants, show you where to find imaginative vegetarian food, and where to enjoy the best views while you dine. We'll take you along the Royal Mile to sample some malt whisky, and tell you where to enjoy a romantic meal. You’ll visit Jenners' food hall (Scotland's version of Harrods), but also lovely little delis and specialist food stores. They’re great places to buy presents such as traditional Scottish shortbread, oatcakes, or jars of marmalade which was invented in Dundee.

Glasgow might have gained a reputation as the home of the deep-fried Mars bar (yes, they do exist!), but culinary tours here offer much more than that. This friendly city has excellent restaurants, trendy bars and traditional pubs. And you can combine your tour with visits to chic shops, and fascinating museums and galleries. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then indulge in tea and cakes at the Willow Tea Rooms (famous for its Charles Rennie Mackintosh décor), or try some tablet – Scotland’s version of fudge. At uk-food-drink-travel.com, we’ll also show you where to find the best pasta and pizza. Many Glaswegians have a rich Italian heritage and they’ve made their mark on the city.

Malt Whisky Trails

For many people, culinary travel in Scotland means just one thing: whisky. You can easily follow a whisky trail in the Highlands, combining tours of distilleries such as

Glenmorangie or The Macallan with visits to majestic castles, and historic sights. But don’t forget the islands. Islay, for instance, has a whisky trail of its own – there are no fewer than eight malt whisky distilleries on the island.

If you only have limited time and want to visit just one island, then Arran is your best bet. Known as Scotland in miniature, it’s a great place for a food and drink tour, and has stunning scenery into the bargain. There’s a cheese-maker, a distillery, local ice creams, a bakery – even a shop selling handmade chocolates. The island is also very easy to get to from Glasgow.

Scottish Salmon, Smokies – and Silver Birch Wine

Some of the finest Scottish food can be found on the coast, where you’ll be able to taste deliciously fresh fish and seafood. Other specialities to look out for on your culinary tours include Arbroath smokies – smoked haddock, kippers and Scottish salmon. Inland, in the Highlands in particular, you should look out for Aberdeen Angus beef, or venison.

Our culinary tours of Scotland will take you to places where you can try all these foods, and more (what about some black bun? Or delicious Atholl Brose?). We’ll also show you some of Scotland’s culinary secrets – like the winery where they make their own wine from silver birch sap.

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