Culinary Tours to the Hidden Heart of Wales

It may be small, but Wales still has plenty of potential for culinary tours. And if you thought Welsh food and drink just meant Caerphilly cheese and beer, you’ll be in for a surprise.

Mountains, Castles and Cool Gastro-Pubs

Wales is a country that’s got a wonderfully rich history – some think that King Arthur fought his last battle on Mount Snowdon or perhaps at the battle of Camlan (Cadlan) on the remote Llyn Peninsular. There are around 400 castles (such as mighty Chepstow and picturesque Harlech), romantic abbeys and rich coal-mining heritage.  On our suggested culinary tours you’ll be able to combine trips to attractions like this with visits to organic food producers, farmers’ markets and cool gastro-pubs.  You’ll also meet local people – and maybe hear some speaking the Welsh language. It's widely spoken in North Wales.

Follow a Cheese Trail

Welsh cheese is delicious – and features in that famous dish Welsh rarebit. Caerphilly is the best known variety, but you can also go on a food tour that takes you to small farms, hidden away in South Wales, where organic producers make their own cheese. At night, you can eat in award winning restaurants that feature local cheeses on their menus. 

Try Some Laver Bread

There’s a great variety of traditional food from Wales, and you’ll want to try at least some while you’re on holiday here.  Many local chefs use Welsh lamb and Black beef - considered top quality as the animals are raised on rich green pastures (a benefit of all that rain).  You’ll also get the chance to taste salt-marsh lamb. It’s raised in coastal areas and has a distinctive flavour.

Other speciality foods in Wales are bara brith, a fruity loaf; cawl, a broth made with lamb and leeks; and laver bread – a speciality of Swansea, Catherine Zeta Jones’ home town.

A food and drink tour gives you the chance to get to the heart of Wales. And when you travel to this unspoilt corner of the UK you’ll be able to appreciate its unique character and distinctive culinary heritage.

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