Tasting Times – Drinks Tours in Britain

Few people are aware of the variety of drinks tours that you can make in Britain. We’re not talking about just visiting a succession of country pubs or city bars – though you’ll certainly be able to find plenty on your culinary tour. We’re talking about the sort of tours that mean a visit to a winery, a trip to a traditional brewery or a tasting in a Scotch whisky distillery.

Taste a Glass of English Wine - or Sip Some London Gin

English wines, particularly sparkling Champagne-type wines, have won a clutch of major awards in recent years. You can visit several winerys in the south of England, tour the vineyards, learn about English wine making – and, of course, enjoy a wine tasting.

If you love beer you might wish to go on an ale trail in Cumbria, visiting micro-breweries and going on brewery tours. Then there’s the cider trail in Herefordshire – especially good in the autumn when the orchards are filled with ripe apples.

Of course you might prefer to include just one winery or one cider-maker in your culinary tour. Or you might wish to see some of the UK’s more unexpected alcoholic attractions. You could, for instance, go on a tour of the only whisky distillery in England, visit the home of Herefordshire vodka on a culinary trail of Herefordshire or take a tour of Sipsmith's distillery in London, where artisan gin makers have established the first distillery to open in London for 200 years.

A Dram in a Distillery

Drinks tours in Scotland are, of course, focused on the nation’s famous whisky distilleries. The ones that attract most visitors are those in Speyside, where you can visit several distilleries in the space of a couple of days. The best known is Glenfiddich, which has regular informative and well organised tours – which culminate in a dram or two of whisky. You’ll also find malt whisky distilleries on Scottish islands, such as Islay and Arran.

If you’re not a whisky lover, you may prefer to visit a Scottish country winery, or an historic brewery that makes a delicious Jacobite ale. Find out more here, at uk-food-drink-travel.com.

Welsh Whisky

While Wales doesn’t offer the same potential for dedicated drinks tours as Scotland and England, it still has some attractions that are well worth building into your culinary tour. There are several winerys in Wales – and even a Welsh whisky distillery. And if you’re a fan of real ale, then why not time your tour to fit in with the annual Welsh Beer and Cider Festival?

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