UK Food Festivals - Sample the Best of British

At one time, there were just a handful of food festivals in the UK – now there are over 80, and more are springing up each year. They’re a great way of discovering the best of British food – and can easily be incorporated into sightseeing holidays and culinary tours.

Try Some Traditional British Food

The size and scale of these events varies enormously. Some, such as British Food Fortnight, or National Vegetarian Week are nationwide events. Others, like the Abergavenny Food Festival, now attract top chefs and gourmets. And then are much smaller ones, held in towns and villages up and down the country. These generally celebrate local or regional produce, and are some of the best places to find independent producers. Depending on the area you visit, you might find yourself tasting anything - from a Melton Mowbray pork pie to haggis, or perhaps a fruity Eccles cake.

And while most of these events showcase a range of local food and drink, a few are dedicated to specialities – such as asparagus, seafood or watercress. There are even food festivals devoted to liquorice and to marmalade. It certainly makes culinary travel interesting.

Gourmet Cuisine and Cookery Lessons

Most of these events have at their heart the principles of the Slow Food movement. There’s a focus on organic foods, high animal welfare and small, independent producers. You’ll find lots of gourmet cuisine. And the best thing is that they’re great fun.

You’ll be able to meet farmers and producers, watch cookery demonstrations, hone your skills with some cookery lessons – and, of course, taste the food itself. Many of these culinary celebrations also have special events for children.

So whether you’re travelling in:




you’ve got a good chance of finding a foodie event. And at, we’ll tell you what to expect and suggest places to eat, places to stay - and sights to visit while you’re there.